Autism explained in a simple yet impactful way

A man spent two years creating a video explaining autism in his spare time. The creator had one goal: understanding and tolerance of autism. This beautiful video shows children things from another child's perspective, and is a great way to explain autism to children that may not understand fully why children with autism are different. 

The video highlights several key points:

  • Everyone is different – not just physically, but mentally also. The way some people view the world is different from how others view the world, and our brains all think differently.
  • The brain controls how we learn, how we feel, and how we communicate. 
  • Sometimes the brain is connected in such a way which affects our senses - known as autism.
  • Many people have autism! So you likely know someone with autism. Therefore, it's useful to know more.
  • Some tasks may be easier for people whose brains are wired this way. Other things are not as simple, such as making friends. 
  • When a person's brain works in this way, there is a chance that it becomes confused or overwhelmed, causing the person to react in a way that may seem strange to us.
  • In many cases, if there is chaos going on in their mind, it's difficult for them to communicate how they feel. Just like we have nervous habits like chewing our nails, people with autism develop ways to deal with this chaos.
  • Good communication and plenty of patience will help everyone be better off.
  • They are not broken, they have a different view of the world, and with a little support, together we can make amazing things happen.

Watch the video here >

Here at Pieceful Solutions, we approach education in the same way, embracing students' differences and encouraging students to be patient with one another. We also understand that every student thinks in a very special way, unique to each individual. That is why we believe it is important that each student is evaluated to understand where their strengths and weaknesses are, and in turn, placing them in one of several customized programs where they are set up to thrive from the start.