We offer numerous elective courses outside of our core classes for our students to choose from. Electives may reflect a student's interest, introduce or improve skills, or be directly related to a future career. 

Our son has been very happy at Pieceful Solutions. The teachers are wonderful. We love all the elective classes, and look forward to the excitement of transition planning to a career or further education with the classes that he is most passionate about!
— Pam
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Restaurant Exploration I

Students learn about food from around the world. They explore, using the internet, many international foods and cultures, along with how to prepare different cuisines. Students will also be taught basic culinary skills and learn about working at a restaurant. 

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Restaurant Exploration II

Students will gain knowledge in methods of preparing foods in a restaurant. They will also learn how to order and pay for food.  They will also practice roles and responsibilities in preparation for gainful employment at a restaurant.


Baking I

Students will gain knowledge and hands on experiences in creating a variety of baked goods and desserts.  They will be introduced to the fundamentals of recipe writing and interpretations using the internet.  The importance of measuring is taught along with changing ingredients due to allergies.

Baking II elective pieceful solutions

Baking II

Students will continue creating a variety of baked goods and desserts while practicing more challenging recipes. They will also learn measuring and ingredient conversions along with recipe writing and interpretations using the internet.

CULINARY EXPLORATION elective pieceful solutions

Culinary Exploration

Students will gain basic knowledge of the kitchen and learn about nutrition and eating healthy food. They explore the fundamentals of recipe writing and interpretations using the internet.

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Music Exploration

Music Exploration provides students with a basic knowledge of beginner level music theory.  Students learn about pitch, duration, timbre, rhythm, intervals and notation.  These basics are then reinforced from a social music activity where students are given the opportunity to learn more about various instruments and music-making modalities.

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Choir is a performance-based class in which students learn a variety of song styles and how to perform on stage.  Each class includes time for students to learn about reading music notation, warming up the voice, a brief there lesson and of course lots of singing!

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Graphic Arts

Students learn how to use AutoCAD and work with 3D rendering software. Students also create color boards, marketing boards, and color pallet selections.

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Art Exploration

Students in Art Exploration get to experiment with multiple art mediums including watercolor, charcoal, sculpture, embroidery, collage, and pastel. Students learn about various art movements and connect them to historical and cultural context. Students also gain the knowledge of color theory, principles of design, and elements of design.

Physical education elective pieceful solutions

Physical Education

Research shows that physical activity is beneficial not only for physical health, but also mental health such as social anxiety and stress relief. Our physical education program promotes health and fitness while encouraging teamwork and the development of social skills.


Career Exploration

This course focuses on each student’s personality, interests, skills, and abilities as it relates to the job market.  An in depth look at the various career clusters will be conducted so that students can begin to organize a plan for success during high school and beyond.  Local jobs are often posted and students are assisted in filling out job applications if interested.

POST SECONDARY PREPAREDNESS elective pieceful solutions

Post Secondary Preparedness

Students are introduced to college and vocational preparation as it relates to their specific career choices.  This course includes information regarding programs designed to help them in their future. Topics include college entrance exams such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, as well as the ASVAB.  Students are introduced to basic finances such as opening bank accounts, interest rates, and how to successfully manage their finances.