Having moved from Tucson to Gilbert for our son to attend PS Academy was the best decision we could have made for him. His experiences at public and private schools in southern Arizona do not compare to what PS Academy has been able to provide for him. He feels safe, comfortable, secure, supported and ACCEPTED to learn and growth just as he is. The staff and administration provide a nurturing environment for all students to excel at being their best. Our only regret is that we did not know about PS Academy sooner! Thank you PS Academy for making a difference for our son!!!
— Donna M., PS parent
Pieceful Solutions has been a life changing experience for my son and our entire family (3).png

“PS Academy has been a life changing experience for my son and our entire family. Dillon is in his 3rd year at PS Academy and still really loves it, which is huge for him! We came to PS Academy very skeptical simply because we/he did not have a good experience his 5th grade year at another local private school for autistic children. From the very first orientation at PS Academy, the administration, teachers, and staff were so knowledgeable and we left feeling excited about the opportunity for Dillon to attend. I can't say enough about how much we love this school. If you have a child with any needs, please make an appointment to meet with them, you will not be disappointed!”

- Shannon L.

My son has attended PS since 4th grade. It has been a good experience for him. There is always room for improvement, as no one and no program is absolutely perfect for everyone. My son has friends, loves his teachers, he has classes that fit his interests, and so far when any situations have come up they have been willing to work with us to find a solution. Having my son be happy and healthy is all that matters to me. As a note though, I always suggest to parents to do your research. Not every program is a good fit for every student, you need to make sure that it will fit your needs and wants as well as your students needs and wants. If you are looking for a school for your little one (or big one) I would recommend taking a tour, attending a school function, talking to other parents, meeting with administration or the teaching staff. Get all the info you can to make an informed decision. As for us, it has been a good fit and my little guy will be graduating this May.
— Jenn D.

“Our son struggled in public schools over the years and home schooling was not a good option. PS Academy has been incredible and definitely changed our son's life in so many wonderful ways. He looks forward to school every day, has made good friends and has learned more in one year than in several while at public schools. The teachers at the school are kind and take an interest in every student. Words truly cannot describe the positive changes PS Academy has made in my son's life. I highly recommend PS Academy and am thankful for what they have done to help my son build confidence and grow as a student and a person.”

- Kenn F.

PS Academy is a wonderful educational institution where our daughter has learned and experienced many positive things! The staff and administration have been so helpful and supportive in addressing the needs of our child. Our daughter has learned so many skills that have made her more feel more confident about herself. As parents of a child enrolled in PS Academy, we are always informed of the educational programs and activities on a weekly basis. We are very satisfied with our experience with PS Academy!
— James


My son has struggled to do well at every school I have put him in and I was searching for a place where he can succeed and feel good about going to school. He has autism and because of this he has had many discouraging experiences with teachers and peers at his schools. I searched and found PS Academy. After reading about them I decided to take the tour and see if they might be a good fit. It was very impressive seeing all the resources they have, and life skills, and the teachers were engaged and seemed happy to be there. I was still skeptical if it would be what my son needed but we went ahead signed him up, hoping for the best. Since attending PS Academy his whole attitude has brightened. He is doing so well in school now. This school and the teachers go beyond for him, to help him succeed and to give himself confidence that he had been missing. Love this school! They go above and work so hard for each of their students. Finally found a positive environment for my son where he can focus on his education!
— Renee


PS Academy has been a game changer for my family. My son attended public school through the 4th grade in a “typical” classroom. I absolutely love his prior elementary school, unfortunately it became apparent that he would needed extra assistance that only a school that specializes in ASD could provide. We tried another local Autism school and it was not a good fit for Dillon. Thankfully we toured PS Academy and my husband & I immediately knew after meeting the educators, administrators, and other staff that this would be the perfect fit for Dillon. Dillon has been attending PS for nearly a year now and we could not be more satisfied! His homeroom teacher and administration keeps me informed of any issues that come up immediately and they work on his behalf to help in any way they can. They have fantastic electives with so many options! My husband and I were, and continue to be, so impressed with this program. Dillon will graduate with a HS diploma and attend college, if that is the path he chooses. Some other ASD schools are not accredited and a GED equivalency test will be required if the student decides to attend college; this was another reason we chose PS Academy for our son. I could go on and on about how happy we are. Please take the tour, it was life changing for our family!
— Shannon

“PS Academy gave us an alternative to public schools that allows our son to learn and grow at his own pace yet reach his full potential. We chose this school as an alternative to public schools because of the small class size and programs that allow social interaction with peers and the community. The electives are wonderful and allow Nathan to truly grow and learn new skills that can help him through out his life. His favorite thus far has been cooking. They provide a gluten free and lactose free option so he can participate. They work with PowerSchool which helps me as a parent be able to help him. When I’ve had a problem the teachers are quick to return my messages and concerned with helping out in any way possible. PS Academy has exceeded our expectation for an educational program that would fit the needs of our son. Thank you PS Academy for all your help.”

- Kara

We had a B-day party for my daughter, 10 kids showed up and 4 parents stayed. What happened was magic, the kids were teenagers, it was a pool party, they swam, they exchanged phone numbers, they talked, they played. They are all authentic- no pretenses of “I have to impress or act a certain way.” In the pool, they had chicken fights, sword fights (pool noodles) jumping of the diving rock, sliding down the slide yelling , “Look at me” . Playing ball. I decided that what we have been trying to do of having our kids in “typical” schools and making accommodations and having them with an adult all day, modifying work. It’s like taking an avid chess player and putting him in a group of baseball players. The baseball players will be courteous and polite, and the chess player is just existing in this life. Is one life better than the other? No. They are different as they have different thinking processes and interests. But take the chess player and put him with other chess players, they think the same, have similar interests, they converse and genuinely care about what the other is talking about. They have fun together. They uplift each other. Where before they were just tolerated. I love that my daughter is with “chess players.” I love that she’s gotten three “no’s” in school. She got one for not doing homework, one for talking too much and not doing her work, one for reading a book instead of doing her school work. To me, this means she is being paid attention to. Her participation is valued and wanted, her voice is being heard and needed, work isn’t modified for her, because she can do it, the expectations meet the abilities. She is 100% responsible for her. There are no more excuses and leeway for her school work and actions. So to conclude, one boy said, while we were taking photos, “we need to submit this to the yearbook, in a section, ‘out of school get togethers’ and we need to do this more”. Thanks for providing a place where my girl is now experiencing life rather than being the fourth wheel and trying to fit in.
— Ilene

“Thank you all for an amazing school year. I have seen so much growth and progress with Noah this year and it is truly a reflection of all of you. Noah has overcome many things this year. His academics have progressed because you all teach at his level and take time when he needs it, you make sure that he learns! His social skills... I can barely comment that my child is a completely different child then 9 months ago. He is confident, has a positive attitude and really learned how to have friends.”

- Jackie

My son has become a happy successful student at PS Academy. He has made many wonderful friends and feels at ease in an atmosphere of supportive, caring staff. In his words, “The teachers explain things better at this school and there aren’t any mean kids.” Finally the stress is gone for him and our family! In addition there are simply no words to describe the feelings of camaraderie and friendship with other PS Academy parents.
— Anne

“We moved to Arizona from Vermont so that my son could attend PS Academy. He had been unsuccessful in two regular education settings and had been terribly bullied. It was taking its toll on his self-esteem and confidence. It took only a few days at PS Academy before I saw significant changes in him. He was happy, had a group of new friends, and was being taught in a way that made sense to him! His confidence has soared and my only regret is that I didn’t get him here to PS Academy sooner. It has been a true life-changing experience for him and I look forward to seeing him continue to thrive here over the next years.”

- Kathy

My child was an 8th grader with his first year at PS Academy attending the Gilbert campus. With the past rough experiences with schools it was imperative that we find a good fit for our son. PS Academy is not just a school it is a community. The staff and kids encourage each other and form friendships, which is an important key to our son’s success in life. I am at peace knowing that my son’s future is in good hands.
— Amy