2019: New Year, New Look – The Evolution of Our Brand

In lieu of the New Year, we thought this would be the perfect time to start fresh. Over the last few months, you may have seen some glimpses of our new name and logos. We are moving away from using Pieceful Solutions as our primary logo, and moving toward using PS Academy.

This evolution in our brand was triggered by our students’ voices. This rebrand is for them. To make 2019 the year we eliminate judgement amongst those who don’t truly understand what it is to be exceptional; those who hear the word “autistic” and jump to conclusions based on stereotypes.

When outsiders hear “Pieceful Solutions” – it piques curiosity. Well, what is Pieceful Solutions? Why is there a puzzle piece? Oh… it’s a school for autistic people.

PS-Academy-Arizona-PiecefulSolutionsOfficialLogo (1).png

Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s so much more to our students than being labeled as autistic. Of course, we don’t expect everyone to understand this. However, it’s our job at PS to create an environment for our students where they feel accepted. And if we can extend that mission beyond the walls of our school, we’ll do everything we can to help these students feel accepted into society as well.

PS of course, stands for Pieceful Solutions. We felt it was important to retain that part of our brand, because it’s gotten us to where we are today. However, students no longer have to go into explanation about what Pieceful Solutions means, or why there is a puzzle piece in the logo.


Let’s help unveil student’s individuality rather than have them labeled autistic, starting now.

Our vision is to provide the foundation that inspires and empowers every student to reach his or her full potential, both in and out of the classroom. By listening to them, we make important changes not only to our brand, but also to the programs we offer, the electives they can choose from, and much more. Contact an enrollment specialist to learn more about what makes us different, or to schedule a tour so you can see the difference with your own eyes.