Why Working here is awesome.

We pride ourselves in creating an environment that will not only give you the opportunity to grow, but will reward you daily. Working with autistic and exceptional students isn’t for everyone; we know. However if you have a passion for helping shape students’ futures and actually see the direct impact of your efforts, working with us may exactly be what you need in order to feel fulfilled!

  • Feel fulfilled – have the opportunity to help special needs students learn and grow, but help them prepare for the real world. Really make change!

  • Professional growth – from your very first day here, you will experience our commitment to professional growth.  Not only will you work with outstanding colleagues, you’ll receive the type of staff development that will let you know you’ve joined the right team. If you are just getting started as an educator, you’ll have the help of mentors and our exceptional staff of Instructional Assistants. If you are a veteran, you will fit right in to an atmosphere of growing, learning, and sharing.

  • Collaboration – we believe in the professional collaboration that brings adults together in an atmosphere where student learning is the focus. When you become part of our school, you will immediately belong to a network of people dedicated to helping children with autism learn, socialize and meet their goals.

  • Great staff – our teachers and directors are committed to making our schools great places to learn and to teach.

  • Compensation – competitive salary, 401K, company wellness program, paid time off, vacation time, and more.

  • Student activities – if working with students outside of the classroom is a part of your educational mission, we have various programs including clubs, after-school activities and much more!  We know that a great deal of what students learn about themselves and the world around them comes from great coaches, directors, sponsors, and other professionals who want to build positive relationships with students both in and out of the classroom.

Open positions


We are always accepting applications for Teachers and Instructional Assistants. Please send your resume to: careers@psacademyarizona.com