How STO’s Work

Students with autism and other exceptionalities need help funding their tuition. You can spend $0 and help families in need. How does it work? By simply redirecting your state taxes to a Student Tuition Organization, which will in turn, create scholarships for students like the ones at PS Academy.

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Thanks to scholarships from the State of Arizona, over 90% of our student's have their tuition completely covered. However, there are very specific requirements which must be met in order for students to qualify for these scholarships. This leaves about 10% of families ineligible for this source of funding to pay for their student's education.

In these cases, parents turn to Student Tuition Organizations (STO's), which use tax donations and allocate them to K-12 students who need help with tuition in private schools. Where do STO's get these donations? Well, from people like you. 

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We AsK: do you know EXACTLY where your TAX DOLLARS ARE GOING?

Rather than simply paying your taxes, you can choose to redirect your taxes to a Student Tuition Organization and help fund a student's tuition! Arizona allows you to turn your state taxes into tuition scholarships for kids in private schools. 100% of this contribution can be taken as a tax credit against your Arizona state taxes.

Every dollar claimed as a tax credit cancels any dollar owed to your taxes! By redirecting your taxes, you can help students receive the education they deserve, and also know exactly where your tax dollars are going! S-Corps and C-Corps can redirect their tax dollars too! 

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DOnate your taxes now to help

Visit any STO website (featured below) and complete the form. Please indicate that you'd like to donate to PS Academy Arizona. Note that the credit limits for 2017 are $2,177.00 married filing jointly and $1,089.00 filing single. You can complete this process over the phone, via mail, or online. You'll receive a receipt which can then be used to deduct from your taxes owed for the year. You can select any of the following STO's – they are all connected to PS Academy Arizona, therefore it is entirely up to you which one you select. 

My older son was bullied mercilessly in public schools and I prayed that I would find a school where he fit in. He struggled to learn because the “one size fits all” approach didn’t fit him. Since his first day at PS Academy, he has made amazing strides academically and socially. He is getting straight A’s and has a group of friends whom he socializes regularly. I work two jobs and yet could never afford private school tuition. Because he does not qualify for the Empowerment Scholarship Account, utilizing funding from a school tuition organization is our only option. It takes commitment on the part of the parents to be successful using this program, but I know that my son is where he belongs and I will do whatever it takes to keep him there. I am so grateful that Arizona has this program in place so that parents can choose the best placement for their student!
— Parent of a Student Who Received a Scholarship