PS Academy Arizona Electives

We offer over 15 elective courses outside of our core classes for our students to choose from. Electives may reflect a student's interest, introduce or improve skills, or be directly related to a future career. Here are just a few of the electives we offer.

Our son has been very happy at PS Academy. The teachers are wonderful. We love all the elective classes, and look forward to the excitement of transition planning to a career or further education with the classes that he is most passionate about!
— Pam


In Digital Arts class students will learn to sketch, paint and illustrate using the Procreate app on an iPad. Students will learn how to use tools & brushes, shading techniques, layering, and adjusting colors to create short videos and animations. The goal is to give students the skills they need to create and publish their own digital artwork.

PS-Academy-Arizona-Restaurant exploration I elective.jpg

Restaurant Exploration

Students learn about food from around the world. They explore, using the internet, many international foods and cultures, along with how to prepare different cuisines. Students will also be taught basic culinary skills and learn about working at a restaurant, and how to order and pay for food. 


video game design

In this super fun class, students will learn to create their own 3D video games utilizing Microsoft’s KODU game platform. Fledgling game creators will learn to build three dimensional landscapes, create digital life, and program rules that govern the game. KODU build real-world 21st century skills by challenging users to analyze a problem and structure their solution - an approach applicable to all academic subjects. KODU also teaches narrative creation, storytelling, cooperation, creativity, logic, and problem solving. Come join us for a wild ride through 3D worlds, colorful characters, and programming fun!


rock band

Rock Band is designed for those students with previous experience in choir or instrument performance. The class works together to interpret popular music into a performance-ready product. Students learn about the different styles of rock music and how to perform for an audience.



Students will learn basic drama techniques such as ensemble-building, creative thinking, and communication, through a variety of on-your-feet and collaborative activities. Students will also get the full experience of being part of a musical production. The includes performing songs, dances, and dialogue while also engaging in behind-the-scenes work, such as set and costume design and stage crew.