PS Academy Arizona Clubs

Every Friday, the junior/high school students participate in several of the social skills clubs that we offer.  Each club gives them the opportunity to branch out in an area that they are interested in learning more about. These clubs encourage teamwork, active participation, social interaction and leadership.

My child was an 8th grader with his first year at PS Academy. With the past rough experiences with schools it was imperative that we find a good fit for our son. PS Academy is not just a school it is a community. The staff and kids encourage each other and form friendships, which is an important key to our son’s success in life. I am at peace knowing that my son’s future is in good hands.
— Amy

Student Council

Student Council is the voice of the student body. It gives all students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. Student Council seeks to foster and strengthen school spirit and pride.

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Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a workout designed for your brain! Stimulate your brain with mind-boggling puzzles such as Sudoku, Cryptograms, Stratego, Rubik's Cube and more. Brush up on your skills, you might need them when we attempt The Escape Room!



beginning guitar

This Guitar Club is for beginners.  If you are interested in learning the basics of playing a guitar this club is for you.  You do not need to own your own guitar - we will have guitars available at school.  You will learn 4 chords on the guitar and how to strum along to a variety of songs.


advanced Debate Club

In Debate Club students work together to learn basic debating skills including researching and writing casework on certain topics. Debate Club provides practice in developing sound and logical arguments, encourages students to practice speaking in public, show initiative and leadership, and will expand the mind and increase understanding of important issues.


Ambassador's Club

This club is specifically for high school students who have expressed interest in making a difference within our school. Students will create and review policies and procedures already in place such as the Student Handbook, Student Ambassadors Program, Anti-Bullying Campaign, and other student related issues. 


community service

Are you looking for ways to help others?  Do you want the opportunity to travel off campus into our community?  If so, Community Service club would be perfect for you.  We will be traveling to local places such as food banks, community parks and animal shelters to help those in need.


Theater Production club

This club is for students participating in the current theatre production.  Students will audition, rehearse scenes, and practice staging in preparation for the school play. The students performed in two plays this year, Ebenezer's Christmas Carol and Boxes.



Creative Writing

Get your creative juices flowing!  Do you like to think outside the box?  Do you enjoy journaling, writing short stories, novellas, comics, or poetry?  Then this is the class for you!  Create your own written masterpiece and share it with the world.  We may even enter a writing contest or two!


Karate Club

This traditional Chinese Kenpo Karate class is designed to teach the students self-defense, respect, coordination, build self-confidence, as well as an opportunity to improve physical fitness. An extra emphasis is made on the “when” and “where” using karate is appropriate. Class curriculum includes: stances, punches, kicks, blocks, karate techniques, and kata. 


Brass Club

Trumpet!  Trombone!  French Horn!  Tuba!  Learn how to play a brass instrument in a group!  We’ll learn about how different brass instruments work and how to make music on them!  Instruments must be rented from a music store. (Example:  Music & Arts, Milano’s, etc) This is a performance class and students are expected to participate in performances.


cake decorating

Put your creative talents to work in this Cake Decorating Class!  Learn how to create an artistic masterpiece through cake decorating.  Your creations will be showcased at the Variety Show.