PS Academy Arizona Clubs

Every Friday, the junior/high school students participate in several of the social skills clubs that we offer.  Each club gives them the opportunity to branch out in an area that they are interested in learning more about. These clubs encourage teamwork, active participation, social interaction and leadership.

My child was an 8th grader with his first year at PS Academy. With the past rough experiences with schools it was imperative that we find a good fit for our son. PS Academy is not just a school it is a community. The staff and kids encourage each other and form friendships, which is an important key to our son’s success in life. I am at peace knowing that my son’s future is in good hands.
— Amy


In this brand new project-based elective students will work with cutting edge $10,000 autonomous mobile robots. These advanced machines (known as PC-BOTS) are a one-stop-shop for STEAM education. Students will have the opportunity to build, program, and experiment with these exciting machines! All phases of robotic design and construction are covered in the coursework. Principals of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, robotic programming, prototyping, and industrial design are introduced in a challenging, fun format. With a focus on teamwork, students will gain collaborative skills essential to their success, no matter what subject they choose to pursue in the future.



This club is designed to give students skills in basic vocabulary and conversational Spanish. They are also introduced to the culture of Spanish speaking countries including their history, customs, food, and geography.


Student COuncil

Student Council is the club where the students run the show! Officers collect information and ideas from Representatives in an effort to make school more enjoyable for students. Students are taught social and leadership skills that will stick with them beyond high school.



Girl Power club & dapper dudes clubs

In Dapper Dudes Club, they assist the young men in becoming polite and thoughtful gentleman that can apply manners in situations such as: finding and maintaining a job, hanging out with friends, going on a date, being involved with the community and more!

In Girl Power Club, through fun activities, discussions, and outings, we help our girls gain confidence, build skills, and create friendships with their peers. The girls are supported in building a positive mindset, self-care and mindfulness, ways to solve conflicts, and feeling comfortable in their bodies.


Karate Club

This traditional Chinese Kenpo Karate class is designed to teach the students self-defense, respect, coordination, build self-confidence, as well as an opportunity to improve physical fitness. Classes begin with a light warm-up and stretch, followed by basic kick-punch-block drills. Self-defense techniques are taught, as well as forms, or katas.


cake decorating

Learn the basics of cake decorating and show off your creativity. Students will learn to bake cakes, make icing, use a piping bag and tips, and how to make a variety of different piping designs.