Back to School: Three Tips for Parents

With school right around the corner (July 17th here at Pieceful Solutions,) it’s time to start thinking about the back to school transition. The routine changes are stressful enough as it is, so in order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a few tips.


Having an open dialogue with your student’s school is imperative early on. There may be certain things you know about your child that come as a second nature to you, however the school’s teachers and staff haven’t spent as much time with your child as you have. If you have any information regarding your child that is beneficial for teachers to know, make sure the school knows. Sometimes the little things make a big difference, and we want your student to feel comfortable and welcomed on their first day of school.

The Routine

Before school begins, it is never a bad idea to start establishing a routine similar to what the students will experience during the school year. This means making sure that they’re getting plenty of sleep, going to bed at the same time that they go to bed during the school week, and exercising the brain by playing brain games or reading.

Mental preparation for the first day

Questions like “will my child act out?” or “what if they are served food they can’t eat?” etc., are normal for you to have as a parent. It’s to be expected that the first day is accompanied by anxiety. However, it is important to stay as positive as possible, because your attitude will reflect on your child. Remind yourself that you’ve been through this before – whether it’s the first day of school or another large milestone… there have been situations where you’ve stressed out and somehow things work out. You got this!