New P.E. Program thanks to Team UP

Pieceful Solutions and Team Up are partnering to provide all of our students with a cutting edge Adaptive Physical Education program. 

At both sites, they are currently focusing on endurance, and body control.  They will be doing activities that require the students to control their body through a range of motion while staying very active. We are implementing basic games such as freeze tag, tic tac toe relay, and angry birds.  This will get the students use to playing in a group setting and comfortable with each other!

More: What is Team Up?

Team Up is a health and fitness company that was founded in 2015 to help people live a healthier and better quality of life through fitness. At first Team Up only offered individual Adaptive Fitness and general personal training.  In early 2016, Team Up began providing on-site Adaptive PE Programs and additional fitness programs to schools and companies in the Phoenix area.

Drew Saenz, Team Up Director

Drew Saenz, the director of Team Up, started a fitness business because of his own personal journey. Over the course of 2 years, Drew was able to lose a total of 60 pounds. Not only did his body change but his life did as well.  He has more energy, is more focused, and has a positive outlook on life.  Now he aspires to provide that same quality of life to others. 


Program Summary

Team Up's mission with their Adaptive PE program is to ensure each student is successful each and every time they participate in physical education. The curriculum will adapt to each individual student and ensure they are challenged throughout the session.  Our goal is for your student to have fun and stay active!

Activity Focus

Our coach’s focus is on total body movements that will increase endurance, strength, coordination, and flexibility. We incorporate sports skills, sports games, and traditional PE games into a fun active PE session. Each session will include a warm-up, sports skill, sport based game, constructive exercise, and cool down.