Let’s be honest. Is public school really working out for your student with autism?

Let’s be honest. Is public school really working out for your student with autism? 

Are you Ready to Move Your Student with ASD from Public to Private School? 

If you’re considering making the switch from public to private, this probably is a sign that it’s time to really reflect and be honest with yourself. Has the situation evolved into an unhealthy environment for your student? Do you feel like teachers and staff aren’t making your student’s education and well-being a priority? You’re not alone. Many parents who we speak to have experienced the same challenges. They make the decision to switch from public to private for a number of reasons. For instance, their child might have been getting bullied. Or perhaps they were simply just tired of fighting a constant battle, trying to explain that their student just needs a little more attention. We understand that the road can be rocky, and we’re here to help. The thing is, public schools don’t specialize in helping autistic and exceptional students. The teachers are taught to teach “typical” students. They aren’t specialists in students with autism. And at times, having a student with autism in the classroom can even be overwhelming for certain public school teachers who have had very limited experience. Therefore if you don’t feel your child is getting the attention they deserve, perhaps moving to a private school which specializes in autism, offers individualized programs, and staffs highly trained professionals – could be the answer. Don’t just take it from us – the parent testimonials speak for themselves.

Having moved from Tucson to Gilbert for our son to attend PS Academy was the best decision we could have made for him. His experiences at public and private schools in southern Arizona do not compare to what PS Academy has been able to provide for him. He feels safe, comfortable, secure, supported and ACCEPTED to learn and growth just as he is. The staff and administration provide a nurturing environment for all students to excel at being their best. Our only regret is that we did not know about PS Academy sooner! Thank you PS Academy for making a difference for our son!!! 
— Donna M

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when deciding if it’s time to change from public to private school for your STudent with ASD:

  • Is this school implementing my child’s most important needs as spelled out in his/her IEP/ILP?

  • Do the teachers and staff treat my child as a welcome member of the school community, or as a chore for them to address each day?

  • Is my child succeeding academically?

  • Are efforts being made to proactively address academic problems?

  • Does my child have friends? (Not just people who are polite, but people he/she spends time with outside of school?)

  • Am I able to be a strong educational advocate for my child, checking in frequently, assessing progress, and ensuring his/her needs are met? Does the school support my involvement?

  • Does my child enjoy going to school?

The Benefits of Switching from Public to Private School for Your Student with Autistm

According to VeryWellHealth:

  • Private schools are smaller than most public schools and can offer more support in the classroom.

  • Private schools may offer more appropriate pedagogical approaches for children with autism. Hands-on learning and student-centered education may be best for a children with autism than verbally-based education. Autism-specific private schools can also offer behavioral, developmental, or therapeutic pedagogies that may be ideal for your child.

  • Private schools are often good places for children with autism to find and connect with peers. This can be tough in public schools where even the most welcoming peers are not as likely to see your child as a potential friend to invite to parties or dances.

  • Private schools, particularly those set up for kids with special needs, are likely to provide adaptive experiences in which your child can thrive. For example, your child may choose electives in the culinary field, music, or art… where they can shine!

A few of our differentiators here at PS Academy:

  • Programs are grouped by ability, not age

  • Individualized academic instruction 

  • Emphasis on social communication and social skills training across all facets of the school day

  • Speech and language, occupational, and social skills support

  • Positive behavior support

  • Specialized curriculum

  • Wide variety of electives & clubs

  • Social gatherings & events

  • A full time certified speech language therapist on campus

  1. Funding options: we will help you navigate the waters when it comes to applying for the ESA or understanding your other options, like the STO. Learn more here

A Few PS Academy Electives

  • Digital Arts: In Digital Arts class students will learn to sketch, paint and illustrate using the Procreate app on an iPad. Students will learn how to use tools & brushes, shading techniques, layering, and adjusting colors to create short videos and animations. The goal is to give students the skills they need to create and publish their own digital artwork.

  • Robotics: In this brand new project-based elective students will work with cutting edge $10,000 autonomous mobile robots. These advanced machines (known as PC-BOTS) are a one-stop-shop for STEAM education. Students will have the opportunity to build, program, and experiment with these exciting machines! All phases of robotic design and construction are covered in the coursework. Principals of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, robotic programming, prototyping, and industrial design are introduced in a challenging, fun format. With a focus on teamwork, students will gain collaborative skills essential to their success, no matter what subject they choose to pursue in the future.

A brand new campus with features including: 

  • Science classroom with lab space

  • Ability to separate primary from secondary programs, with the opportunity to integrate the two to encourage mentorship

  • New innovative kitchen for our culinary program and restaurant classes with a serving café

  • Student store

  • Therapy/Sensory/Chill Out rooms

  • Specified pull out rooms for small group instruction

  • Room to accommodate our new Transition Program

  • Newly constructed sensory friendly playgrounds (in progress)

  • Built in studio apartment classroom to teach independent living skills

  • Fastest available internet speed in Gilbert

  • 30,500 sq ft building

  • Easy access from all parts of the valley (US 60, 101 and the 202)

  • Additional staff and vans 

  • Large auditorium for PE, theater, meetings, and a lunchroom 

  • Classroom for the arts

What makes us unique above all, is the strong community spirit, our students, staff, and families. Students not only learn, but they improve their social skills and become prepared for the real world. If this sounds like something you’re ready to learn more about,  schedule a tour here!